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On Premises Systems

A perfect solution for companies that are under one roof and have none or limited home or traveling workers. Insurance agencies, medical offices, manufacturing firms, printers and more can benfit from a premise based system.

Want to connect two or more locations?  Use a premise based system with a VOIP connection. Or have a few folks working from home?  Turn your premise system into a Hybrid with VOIP or SIP phones for home workers.

For users from 2 lines and 3 phones to 23 lines and 20 phones, the ESI Communications Server 50 can be tailored for your needs. The ESI Comm Server 50 can support both digital and IP phones, which is perfect for a company that has one or two home workers.  It can also provide mobile messaging allowing you to receive voice mails on your emails. "Twinning", is an ESI unique feature that allows your digital system to ring your desk phone and cell phone at the same time. Great for those companies that a mostly under one roof but have a few traveling personnel, like outside sales reps. The system is feature rich and can fulfill all of a small to medium size company's needs. Ask for a brochure to see all of the system's useful features.

For larger companies both the ESI Comm Server 100 and Comm Server 200 can meet all your needs. The system can support multiple POTS, PRI, TI or SIP lines,  all VOIP phones, SIP phones, or Digial phones or a combination of those. Connect multiple locations including remote entry of doors and loading docks. Call tracking and call recording are options with optional call center software available as well. ESI-Link can connect multiple locations with their own telephone system to operate either separately or in tandem. Ask for a brochure to see all of the system's dynamic features.

Use the optoin of VOIP on the systems above when you have home workers or have limited availability for additional wiring, but there is existing data wire. VOIP phones are also a good option to connect in a smaller satelite office.