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Cloud Based Systems

A great solution for companies that are always on the go. Locate your SIP phone anywhere and leave the service to us. One low monthly fee combines phones and phone numbers in one low monthly payment. If you have mostly home or external office workers and/or traveling workers, this is the solution for you. Combine your calls with desk phone, desktop computer, laptop computer and cell phone. Never miss a call no matter where you are.

A good solution for small to medium size companies. Lower priced, simple software but offers some call center options. Multiple greetings are available for those who run multiple companies from one location.

A perfect solution for small companies that do not want to own any equipment or be responsible for the maintenance of the equipment. The ESI cloud has great connectivity and terrific mobile apps for those on the go. Simple software is easy to learn and use. Program your own changes. A very low cost option. Not suitable for companies who share systems and need multiple company greetings.

When you need very flexible software, call center management, call tracking, multiple greetings, mobile apps and more, this is for you. Because this one is priced by the voice path, not the phone seat, this is the very best solution for those who are phone heavy and line light.  For example, if you had 15 voice paths and 35 phones, and paid by seat, your monthly cost could be as high as $1,225.00 a month for a seat priced cloud, where ConnectMeVoice would be about $525.00 a month. So a voice path priced cloud can save lots of money for some types of businesses.