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esi systems

A-Tel Communications is an authorized Estech Systems Inc. distributor. The ESI telecommunications product line has won numerous awards and is well known for reliability, high efficiency and low cost. Telecommunication systems available include:

A-Tel can provide systems for small, medium and large-sized businesses. Let our knowledgeable staff brief you on the systems and equipment which would best suit your business needs.

Small systems

ESI systems


The IVX C-Class All-In-One Digital Phone System is an easy choice over other phone systems in its class. Its ease of use and feature-richness reduces staff frustrations, increases productivity, and enhances your business’s image. And IVX’s unique integration provides efficiency and cost savings previously impossible.

The ESI C+ support 4 lines, 8 phones and 2 analog ports. Expandable to 8 lines, 16 phones and 4 analog ports. Voice mail has 4 ports and 6 hours of voice storage. Supports 24 button phones.

C+ Exec

ESI systemsAll the features of the C+. Supports up to two 48 button phones and 24 button feature phones.


50L supports up to 16 lines, or 1 PRI, 32 phones. 4 port voice mail system with 15 hours voice storage.

Communications Server 50

50 supports up to 16 lines, or 1 PRI, 32 phones. Choose a 6 port voice mail system with either 15 or 60 hours fo voice storage. Contains a built-in card that can be activated with licensing to support up to 8 remote IP phones and 4 ESI-link channels for connecting two systems, or 12 local IP phones.

Medium to Large Systems

ESI-Link technology links multiple sites with independent ESI Communication Servers. Remote IP phones can connect the home office to main sites without the added cost of an additional Communication Server. Let A-Tel determine which solution is best for you.

Communications Server 100

Supports POTS lines in increments of 6, PRI, SIP Trunking, T1, both digital and IP phones. Analog ports in increments of 4. Voice Mail is 8 ports with 140 hours of voice storage.

Communications Server 200

Supports POTS lines in increments of 6, PRI, SIP Trunking, T1, both digital and IP phones. Analog ports in increments of 4. Choose from 16 ports, 140 hours or 24 port, 600 hour voice mail systems.o

Communications Server 600

Supports POTS lines in increments of 6, PRI, SIP Trunking, T1, both digital and IP phones. Analog ports in increments of 4. Voice Mail is 32 ports with 1200 hours of voice storage.

Communications Server 1000

Supports POTS lines in increments of 6, PRI, SIP Trunking, T1, both digital and IP phones. Analog ports in increments of 4. Voice Mail is 128 ports with 1200 hours of voice storage.

IP 900 Coming Soon...... An all IP system.

VoIP Systems

All communications servers listed above support VoIP. Please contact us for choosing the fit system for your business.

System Options

Unified messaging - VIP

VIP (Visually Integrated Phone) is available in an Outlook®-integrated edition and a standalone edition (SE), and comes in two “flavors”: the basic VIP and VIP Professional. Each configuration is licensed independently, with easy migration from VIP to VIP Professional. Each lets you intelligently do the following from your PC’s screen:

With VIP Professional, you also get:

And, speaking of those other products . . .

These independently licensed members of the VIP product family, all compatible with VIP Professional, add their own specific capabilities (click their links for more information):

Regardless of your selected configuration, VIP is easy to implement. It connects to your existing local area network (LAN) and is non-invasive. There’s no need to upgrade the LAN or install Microsoft® Exchange® – thus avoiding a costly and impractical solution for the small to mid-size business.

Media management

Can collect and store:

With ESI Media Management, you decide who’s authorized to access the stored information, so there’s no worry that information is getting into the wrong hands.

Media Management provides these and other benefits:

sound waveMobile Messaging

ESI Mobile Messaging combines the advanced capabilities of your ESI business communications system with the convenience of users’ existing e-mail accounts. When you receive a message (a voice mail or a recording) at your extension or guest mailbox, you also receive an e-mailed notification to which a .WAV of the message is attached. The notification’s header contains information about the message — the Caller ID name and number, as well as the call’s date, time, and duration. ESI Mobile Messaging also lets you quickly do these (and more):

Cellular Integration and bluetooth

Simplify your communications using Bluetooth technology. The mobility that Bluetooth® technology provides and the power of your IP Server 900 or ESI Communications Server have been combined to improve your productivity. Two ESI Bluetooth Voice Integration products offer unique capabilities to make you more efficient:

Get the best of both worlds. Busy professionals who frequently take business calls on a cell phone while in the office now can enjoy the convenience of taking those calls on a compatible ESI desktop phone. ESI Cellular Management eliminates the awkwardness and loud interruptions caused by cell phone use in the office. Simplify your life with this compact Access Device that directs incoming cell calls to your desktop phone.* Cell calls are handled by the IP Server 900 or ESI Communications Server just like any other call, so you can get all the advantages and standard ESI features of your office phone system – features like call forwarding, call transfer, conferencing, live call recording, and more.

Here are just a few of the ways ESI Cellular Management can simplify your business communications when in the office:

Bluetooth Headset Interface

Don’t be tied down by wired headsets. The ESI Bluetooth Headset Interface lets you “pair” a standard Bluetooth headset with a compatible ESI desktop phone, so you can seamlessly answer, originate, and terminate phone calls directly from the headset. Using ESI’s integrated interface, you get all the standard headset features available on the IP Server 900 or ESI Communications Server, plus the mobility of Bluetooth. Don’t hassle with expensive add-on devices like headset lifters. Let the ESI Bluetooth Headset Interface give you the freedom to achieve a higher level of productivity.

Cordless Keysets

ESI’s Cordless Handset II provides mobility to users who are constantly on the move in the office. There are three models of the compact, lightweight Cordless Handset II, and each provides the same rich feature set as the 24-Key Feature Phone, plus ESI’s exclusive Quick Switch™ for maximum ease when switching back and forth between your ESI desktop phone and your Cordless Handset II.

For extended range and to elimenate dead spots optional repeaters can be added to the system.

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